...grew up in a small football, steel mill/union town(1600 population)Western the "gangsta" shit ain't roots-real for me.  Lotta time in
 the woods, at the river, hangin' out with neighbors and buddies. Race-issues
 mainly on the news... and as under-current here and there.  But I really dig
 some of the "style" , music, dance out of Urban America. 'Sure I'm "corny" to
 some of the REAL OG's and wanna be's I've encountered and dealt with during
 my  fairly  extensive "Community Work" in so-called ghettos/city
 Black-Minority neighborhoods/organizations/youth correctional facilities. 

More "Country" than "City" at core.  No question.     4rth of July was HUGE
 where I grew up.  LOVED IT.                                                                      AW 1-21-24